Yui Kioko

Yui is a teenage girl that originally comes from a farm, where she used to live with her parents. Because there was no school nearby, her parents had to homeschool her. Meanwhile, she helped her parents with all the farm work.

To pursue her dreams, she and her parents both decided it would be best for her to move to a city, so they hired a small room in a small appartment complex.

Shizuka Reiki

Shizuka is a teenage girl that comes from an alternate dimension, we do not know much about her dimension.

Shizuka is a shy girl who has trouble around people she isn't comfortable with. In her own dimension she goes to a high school where she isn't liked that much...

Akiko Taiyo

Akiko is a young adult that also comes from an alternate dimension, we do not know much about her dimension either.

Akiko is a rather mature girl who doesn't have trouble around people at all. However, she appears to not trust any guys at all. In her dimension, she also still goes to high school.

Reia Sai

Reia is a teenage girl that you know from childhood, you go to the same school as her and she's one of the few friends you have.

From a young age on, Reia's parents also decided to homeschool her. Her parents are both very intelligent, her mom used to be a scientist and her dad is a proffessor at a university. To ensure the best education for Reia, her mom decided to work with her husband to train herself in teaching other people.